N’15 Welcomes even more great guests!

N’15 Welcomes even more great guests!


Hey! Check it out! A new post about the big weekend! Guess what? We have some really rad additional guests to announce! So why am I wasting text right now… Let’s DO THIS!


Chris and Kat hardly need any kind of introduction to the Frogpants community. They’ve always kind of been “one of us”. Or “some of us” as the case may be. Plural…something something. Anyway…

We LOVE Chris and Kat and are so excited to have them here! Chris won’t be telling us any Blizzard secrets, but you can bet we’ll get to know a lot more about the man who brought you some of your favorite characters and stories in the modern era. Kat comes with her Cryptozoic Entertainment table-top gaming cred, and will surely school us all.


Have you listened to We Have Concerns yet? Well, if not, you should be. Jeff and Anthony will be here to not only do a live WHC, but thrill you with their wit, whimsy, and prowess as hairy men. Scratch that last part. Let’s put it this way, Jeff and Anthony are also “ones of us”, and we can’t wait to have them here!


We are SOOOO excited to have Marian Call with us this year as our musical guest! She’s a huge hit in our community already, and will surely find more fans at Nerdtacular. Could not be more excited to have her. Check out her bio and see why some of you have been slacking! Her music is rad!

There are surely more to come, but I hope you’ll be just as excited as we are to have these human beings with us on the big date!