Announcing Nerdtacular 2015!

Yep, you guessed it. This is the big post that explains everything you need to know thus far about this year’s Nerdtacular event. So lets not diddle around now! GO GO GO!

WHEN: July 30th – August 1st, 2015

That’s right! We heard you, and moved away from the July 4th weekend. So many of you in the states have big family plans for that weekend, so we moved it to the end of July! Thursday is the reception evening, and Friday and Saturday are two packed days of panels, gaming, live shows and more! (More to come on that front.) So that’s Thursday the 30th, Friday the 31st, and Saturday Aug 1st!

WHERE? Snowbird Summer Resort in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Snowbird! This will be our third year at this beautiful amazing summer resort, just a quick drive from the Salt Lake City valley. It feels like home now for this event, and can’t wait to see you there again, or for some of you, for the first time! πŸ™‚


Not yet, but soon enough. We will give you lots of notice via various shows, the event Twitter, Scott’s Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and other places. We are working hard to keep the ticket prices low like in previous years. For details and when they are available, keep your eye here!


You can actually reserve your accommodations right now, and when you do, make sure you CALL THEM ON THE PHONE, because that way, you can get our special lowered room rates, not available any other way. Call Snowbird at 800-232-9542, and use this code over the phone with the person you talk to: nerd15


This will be announced soon! We are hard at work on this year’s theme, what guests will be there, and what you can expect for those days. In the meantime, here are all the other contact details you will need! Twitter | Email | Facebook Page | Forums

There will be another round of video and audio explaining our plans and answer your questions in the next month or so as well, so keep an eye out for that.

More info soon! So hang in there! Watch this rad video from last year to get a taste if you’ve never been!

Tickets, details and all you need to know for N14

Welcome to the one place to find everything you need so far for Nerdtacular 2014.

LOOKING FOR TICKETS? TOO BAD! πŸ™‚ They are sold out now.

Click here for THE SCHEDULE!

Trying to reserve hotel rooms at Snowbird? Call 1-800-232-9542! Tell them you are with the Nerdtacular group, (code NERD14) and you’ll get a reduced rate on rooms. Or, if you decide to reserve online, use “NERD14” as your code for the reduced Nerdtacular room rate.

Looking for shirts, prints, packages, and more? GO HERE! (This is getting updated all the time too.)

Looking for the Q&A about this year’s event? GO HERE!

Follow us on Twitter. (Or follow Scott here.) The Facebook N14 fans are here.

This year’s Android and iOS apps! This year’s schedule!

Have questions? Email HERE!

Make sure you give the podcasts a listen as well, as breaking news about the event often comes out on shows as well!

N’14 Question and Answer!

Thanks for attending everyone! Here’s the audio version of the whole thing.


It’s also up on the Frogpants Mega podcast feed on iTunes.

Here’s the video version: