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The N’14 Schedule!

While changes might be made as we get closer, this is pretty much it!

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Click HERE to see the live version of the schedule. (This one here is just an image of it, but you can click that too.)

Tickets, details and all you need to know for N14


Welcome to the one place to find everything you need so far for Nerdtacular 2014.

LOOKING FOR TICKETS? TOO BAD! :) They are sold out now.

Click here for THE SCHEDULE!

Trying to reserve hotel rooms at Snowbird? Call 1-800-232-9542! Tell them you are with the Nerdtacular group, (code NERD14) and you’ll get a reduced rate on rooms. Or, if you decide to reserve online, use “NERD14” as your code for the reduced Nerdtacular room rate.

Looking for shirts, prints, packages, and more? GO HERE! (This is getting updated all the time too.)

Looking for the Q&A about this year’s event? GO HERE!

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This year’s Android and iOS apps! This year’s schedule!

Have questions? Email HERE!

Make sure you give the podcasts a listen as well, as breaking news about the event often comes out on shows as well!

The hour is nigh…


UPDATE: Live stream links are available on the site, and other sources. Bookmark em!

Hi all! Thought it might be a good time to whip up a quick post, with all the goodies you need to know as you make your way to Nerdtacular 2013. Whether you’re flying in, driving in, or live here already, some of this stuff might be useful! So here we go!

- Make sure you’ve seen it! (Printed versions of this will be handed out at the event too! What a lovely bonus that must be because I think it is so it must be.)

- Make sure you take the 4th Snowbird exit! That’s the one you want. Not exit 1. Not exit 2. Not even exit 3. Exit 4 is where you wanna go. (a map to Snowbird, in case you don’t have one. Simple.)

- Bars and Restaurants: There are many! While food and drink outside the resort are not allowed in the common “convention” parts of the Cliff Lodge, there are 8 restaurants and many bars all around the resort. Sandwich vendors, etc etc. Lots of options…you should never go hungry. Or thirsty. Or naked. (Some of the restaurants might mean a little walk here and there, but it’s good for you!)

- Contact info: If you need to call Snowbird with questions, room issues, clarifications, directions, etc., keep this number handy: (801) 933-2222. Oh, and they have this website thingy: www.snowbird.com. Oh! And that shuttle service from the airport? Here if you want it.

- Don’t forget your tickets! (Had to be said.) Oh, and those asking about streaming, we will have a page up on the site soon that you can bookmark for links to audio / video streams, live chatrooms, and more.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Other than I am really excited to see you all. If anything else pops into my head, expect more added to this post, and track me on Twitter for the latest. (also, follow the hashtag #nerdtacular for what everyone is saying.)