General Update Time!

Today marks the 2 months left point till N12 hits! Seemed as good a day as any to catch everyone up on what’s going on.

The Kickstarter funding, which was incredible and really made it so this year could happen, will finish and fund in the next couple of days. We’d originally planned to have tickets on sale today for general admission to N12, but because some of the Kickstarter reward levels included a choice between tickets and a DVD, we have to get that all figured out this week before the tickets go live. We don’t wanna oversell and have that mess to deal with of course.

We expect that to take a few days, and we’re aiming to have tickets up a week from today. (That’s April 30th, 2012). At least that’s the plan. If it changes, we’ll make sure an let everyone know!

A few reminders: Keep your eyes on the N12 forums, as they have all sorts of great stuff regarding surrounding events, community plans, hotel and rate info, among other things. Also, follow Scott on Twitter for the latest and greatest. And as always, keep your eye on the site for updates and such.

Things are going smoothly. Concert is all set up, food vendors are all locked in, swag is coming together, and prizes are piling up. Not to mention all the great prep going forward for the panels and stuff you’ll see on the big day.

Questions? Drop them in this blog post comment thread, or email us at nerdtacularevent at gmail dot com!