The N’12 Kickstarter is LIVE!

Good news everyone! A way for you to help N’12 be awesome has finally launched! The Nerdtacular 2012 Kickstarter is now live, and ready for your contributions! If you’re coming, or if you’re not, you can contribute in a meaningful way. The rewards packages are pretty sweet as well, so get on it!

5 thoughts on “The N’12 Kickstarter is LIVE!

  1. How exactly are you keeping ticket prices low by asking
    People to buy a ticket and then asking for more money? Just adjust the ticket price or keep it the same and don’t make an unfeasible event. Love the show though

  2. Hey poon…don’t be a jerk. He’s keeping ticket prices low by offering people the ability to donate to the cause because the more money that is raised the less the tickets will have to cost each. IE: if the whole thing costs X amount to put on and they raise 90% of that then they can charge $15 or $20 for tickets instead of $50 or $60. Or…if they were like most cons….$250-$300. Nerdtacular is really the only con that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately for me it’s on the other side of the country so I’d have to spend that much on getting there and staying, but one day, I’m gonna get to go.

    Also, it’s a way for people to support it, get something for it, and still feel a part of it even if they can’t go. So if you don’t want to donate DON’T. Just don’t complain about him allowing people the opportunity to be a part of it. And making it more financially stable for everyone.

    Ok, now, I had an actual question.
    For those of us who can’t go, but missed out on the best prizes because we didn’t jump on it as soon as it was open, will there be a place where we can purchase dvds later? Like either pre or post event will there be an opportunity for dvd purchase? SInce they’re obviously being made (because it’s one of the options in the larger packages?)


  3. Not really complaining, its just simple economics. I’m all for the event being super awesome

  4. Actually, by the definition you used of simple economics, your argument becomes completely invalid. In this example, our “company” would be Frogpants Inc which is looking to make bigger and better “products” like Nerdtacular 2012. By allowing people to buy “stock” in the form of donations to feel a part of the event, it allows Frogpants Inc to not raise the prices of its other products, in the form of tickets to the event.

    In other words, if Apple wants to introduce an improved ipod, it doesn’t raise the price on it’s old ones to cover the costs… because that’s bad economics…

    Or you can simply look at it for what it is, Scott and Frogpants going the extra mile for their listeners, and the listeners being able to give a little something back to the guy who devotes so much of his time to improve ours in one way or another.

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